Our Philosophy

Who is the Ceros Media Group?

With the company name CEROS, we have given ourselves a name that goes back to the Greek god Kairos (Greek spelling: Καιρός), who stands for seizing good opportunities. With his wings on his back and heels, he stands for speed and dynamism but also for the quality of time. At the front of his head he has a long mop of hair and at the back of his head he is bald. Kairos is associated with the phrase "seize the opportunity" and thus stands for the right moment. We therefore want to recognise good things and opportunities and seize them before they pass us by.

The libra refers to weighing up the situation and deciding in favour of an opportunity. Kairos moves exclusively on tiptoe, so you never know exactly when and where he will cross our path. Therefore, we always keep our eyes and ears open so that we notice him with his great offers of opportunities  near us. Kairos as well as CEROS would like to point out these good opportunities to you.

Inspired by the god of opportunity combined with the well-known film reel, our logo was finally created after sketching many designs. The result is a divine wing in the shape of a filmstrip. We think it's simply ingenious.

The CEROS MEDIA GROUP is an innovative film production company that exclusively finances, produces and markets AURELICO films. In doing so, the CEROS MEDIA GROUP uses innovative multimedia technologies and a well-proven approach . We draw on decades of experience in project management, state-of-the-art IT technologies and top-class film productions.


Our tasks

We are a company that is able to enrich the cinema and media industry with first-class, emotion building films. This includes, among other things:

  • Conception, financing and production of feature films and series
  • Financial exploitation of the films on all international markets
  • Placement of films on relevant and profitable platforms such as internet and streaming services, cinema, TV, DVD
  • Presence at the world's biggest film festivals and markets such as Cannes Film Festival, Berlinale and Venice International Film Festival
  • Tailored and intelligent merchandising of the film content
  • Creation of a wide international fan base
Logo Ceros Media Group