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AURELICO films are written exclusively by Aurelio Agliata and are realized with the highest quality standards. In doing so, the director draws from a very extensive and profound knowledge of cinema. AURELICO movies are characterised by their ability to reach both the general public and cinema lovers. They are films with European depth combined with American entertainment.

The scripts for these projects are the result of years of development and meticulous research. The team of authors strives to tell stories that touch and captivate the audience. The AURELICO brand stands for movies in the category "CINEMA TOTAL": Works that are sophisticated in terms of craftsmanship and cinematography, produced with the latest technology and the best talent in each position.

During shooting, care is also taken to ensure that AURELICO's highest quality standards are implemented. Nothing is left to chance. This begins with the careful selection of actors, locations, costumes, sets and film crew. The expectations of all those involved are very high. It's not enough to make a good film, it's about always raising the bar a little higher to offer the audience a unique cinematic experience. AURELICO movies are featured films that are highly successful both at renowned festivals and in commercial exploitation.

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